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Diving & Snorkeling Tours with blue whales

Diving & Snorkeling Tours with blue whales

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Sri Lanka is an island covered by Indian Ocean with distinct deep Sea environmental conditions. Sri Lanka often referred to as the ‘pearl in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka offers world-class Scuba-Diving and Snorkeling tours. A multitude of tropical fish, magnificently colorful coral reefs and fascinating ship wrecks can be explored at several locations off the south coast of Sri Lanka.

One any given day we will never guarantee swimming with a whale. We are at the mercy of the whales themselves and other influencing factors such as weather and sea conditions. We will never harass a whale to get a swim and we will abide by the Laws of Sri Lanka in permitted interactions.

We do have very experienced Crew that is well versed in working with the whales and identifying those that may want to interact with us. It is very important to understand that we recommend that people spend a minimum of 4 days on the water to get the interaction they are hoping to get. Every day is different and presents new and exciting forms of whale behavior, above and below the water. The more days on the water have the chance of witnessing all.

Our Team is absolutely passionate about whales and the beautiful islands of Sri Lanka and its people. We do what we do every day from that passion. We are totally committed to have every one of guests have the best in-the-water experience with the whales (and other marine life) during their time with us. We are the longest running packaged eco-tour operator on Mirissa, with more than 9 years of experience.



All underwater activities are conducted by well-trained and experienced UDI and PADI instructors to ensure your absolute safety and enjoyment. Ensure you are comfortable snorkeling BEFORE you come to Mirissa. In most instances you will be in water where you can not see the bottom.



 The art of swimming with whales
The opportunity to swim with whales is a privilege. The act of swimming with whales is an art. Every day is different on the water, and every encounter is unique. We swim with whales most days, but on some days this may only be briefly. Other days we swim for longer periods. We have known days where we have not swum with whales and that’s the reason we advocate multi-day trips– so that by the end of your tour we expect to have helped you experience a range of encounters with these incredible animals.



 Weather and sea conditions
Sitting in the middle of Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has a maritime climate. Whale season is November to April(High Season) and July- September(Law Season). There are cloudy days. Sometimes it rains. The wind can blow, hard at times. It can also be sunny, still and hot. We whale swim in all conditions, the whales don’t seem to mind about the weather. We look for whales over an area of approximately 300 square nautical miles. This is a mix of calm sheltered waterways, areas effected by wind chop and sometimes we are in open sea swells. The areas we search on particular days are determined by the-previous-days encounters, the weather and sea conditions and sometimes gut instinct. The clearest water is often (but not always) well off-shore.



 Group size
There will be a maximum of 8 guests on your tour and you will be split into two groups of 4. Each group takes alternate swims, and the group on the boat helps get cameras and people out of the water. This ensures efficient group changes and gives you a chance to catch your breath. We aim to ensure everyone has similar experiences across the week. The whale swimming guidelines allow for 4 people in the water.



 Fitness Level
You don’t need to be an elite athlete to take part in a Whale-swim Tour. But you DO need to have a good level of fitness to get the most of your tour. You will be required to swim reasonable distances (+/- 100 meters) in sometimes choppy sea. Sometimes this may happen multiple times in a day. It can be draining. You should start a program of walking or regular swimming to ensure you are ready to get the most out of your trip.



  • All the passengers will receive Life Insurance from government licensed financial institute
  • We provide you all the recommended security facilities with lifesaving jackets, seat belts…etc.
  • Free Breakfast with Sandwich and meat burger
  • Pure bottled water supply
  • Fruit Juice & Fruit Plate
  • First-Aid Facilities
  • Bathrooms Available
  • Life Guard Safety team
  • Experienced Skipper
  • Please make sure to bring your Passport or NIC due to the harbor security reasons.
  • Participant will offer $15 discount for a tour of more than one day
  • Participant must have a permit for diving & snorkeling issued by Sri Lankan Government, but if you don’t have above permission we would arrange documents for apply and process( You should have to pay Non-refundable $ 100 for this process)
  • You must be a strong swimmer to join this trip and have a real passion for marine-life and blue whales.
  • 4-5 hour total time ( travel time + swimming time) (additional hours will be charged 50$ for each)
  • Maximum 4 people for a group
  • We do not provide any swimming guide
  • The whales come to us, we do not “chase” or harass the whales. Our technique is to read the whale and its pattern and position the boat in the right spot with the engine off for the whale to come to us.
  • Touching / disturbing the animals are prohibited.
  • By any chance if you unable to see Whales and Dolphins (very Low probability to happen due to inevitable environmental conditions) a free tour will be arranged again. But you have to pay only fuel charges.
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