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Whales & Dolphin Watching Tours

Whales & Dolphin Watching Tours

  • One Person (Over 12 Years) $70
  • Each Child (Between 5 & 12 Years)$40
  • For Group tour
  • Two Persons$390
  • Four Persons$420
  • Six Persons$600

We highly recommend that you will have the best chance of sighting Blue Whales, Fin Whales and even Sperm- Whales. Blue whales are the biggest mammals on the Earth and other huge sea creatures such as Dolphins, Killer Whales, Sperm whales and also so many flying fish can be viewed within few miles around Southern coast of Sri Lanka. Our crew members have conducted over 700 tours within past 9 years.

This whale watching tour will be organized during 2 whale watching seasons in Mirissa. (November-April & July – September)These Whales and Dolphins moves to this region as pods (Generally we call as School of Whales) they consists nearly 50-60 whales within one group. You have the opportunity to take closed up Snapshot and to film their behavioral pattern that feels living around sea world.



  • All the passengers will receive Life Insurance from government licensed financial institute
  • We provide you all the recommended security facilities with lifesaving jackets, seat belts…etc.
  • Free Breakfast with Sandwich and meat burger
  • Pure bottled water supply
  • Fruit Juice & Fruit Plate
  • First-Aid Facilities
  • Bathrooms Available
  • Life Guard Safety team
  • Experienced Skipper
  • Please make sure to bring your Passport or NIC due to the harbor security reasons.
  • All the Children must be over 8 years of age to ride the Lightship.
  • This Tour is not recommended for those who are suffering from neck or back problems, persons in frail health or pregnant women
  • Children who are under age 3 years free of charge ( but must be accompanied by their parents)
  • You have 48 hour period for cancellation
  • Our Rates and departures subject to change without notic
  • The right to cancel any trip due to weather conditions is reserved completely by Ocean Explorers Mirissa Under, mechanical problems or unforeseen circumstances
  • The right to substitute vessels is completely reserve by Ocean Explorers Mirissa
  • By any chance if our crew isn’t able to show Whales and Dolphins (very Low probability to happen due to inevitable environmental conditions) a free tour will be arranged again. But you have to pay only fuel charges.
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